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Acegrades is passionate about helping schools and organizations, effectively coach their students, ehance their skills and remediate their knowledge gaps through specialized ace-tools.

What problem is Acegrades trying to solve?

Increasing class sizes and paperwork is making it hard for trainers to focus equally on every learner. This results in weak students who need attention getting insufficient focus, resulting in poor skill growth and missed learning objectives.

Acegrades Approach

Acegrades platform is developed with the above problem and more in view. It provides personalized learning and dynamic remediation/feedback based on every individual student's personal skill level, helping each student identify and master their weak concepts.

Acegrades data crunching and data profiling engine provides deep introspection of student's abilities by uncovering helpful insights, prompt feedback, and progression graphs to guide students to achieve highest possible grades.

Acegrades Portal has the following main features:

Dynamic Questions

AceEngine® (patent pending) dynamically generate questions from knowledge elements thereby providing unlimited number of questions for practise, assignments, assesments and exams.

Adaptive Learning

AceEngine® (patent pending) increases difficulty level of questions increases as you continue practising. If core concepts are not clear, the ace-accelerator auto generates assignments that will help clarify your concepts

Real-time feedback and Remediation engine

Event system provides teacher or parent with real time progress and flags weak performers who may need attention

Fully customizable

The solution is fully customizable according to individual needs. Things like reports, performance indicators, course material, course videos can be customized or new ones provisioned according to individual requirements

Engaging Messaging Platform

Platform native messaging system to help teachers, parents, and student to communicate for better results and an inhouse web conferencing system for virtual classes, build using webRTC APIs

Compliant to Common Core Curriculum

We have questions, hints and solutions and videos which are fully compliant to the common core curriculum.


Student - Working with practice session

Watch how a student can independantly practise topics of her choice and how the system adapts to the skill level of the student giving questions of a difficulty level appropriate to her skills.

Parent Registration

Watch how a parent can register and then create assignments for her children

Student - Working with assignments

Watch an assignment is presented to a student and how she can complete the assignment


Our mission is to make teaching and learning easy and fun using a data centric approach.

Our technology assisted learning can provide a personalized learning experience, which adapts to the unique needs of each child

We help schools and organizations become sensitive to each learners unique capacity and gaps and work towards improving the strengths and reducing the gaps, tailoring our solutions to their specific challenges and needs

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